Want to expand your business?


New markets to explore?

Do you want everybody to know about
you & your products?

Or do you want to find new products & services
for your customers?



What can II x II do for you?

Expand & grow your business;

Introduce your company in new markets;

Open up doors to North- West- & Southern Europe’s (retail-markets);

Realise your company to grow into new territory;

Find new ways; new products, new services & new customers.







But, it’s a 2-way street; we also need your help!

Please tell us how good you are.

What makes your company so special?

You need to be confident and ready for growth.

We invite you to share your qualities and multiply them with ours!

Together with you we can explore & do more!  (ll x ll = V)

2-way street





We do so in these categories:

home deco / garden / lighting / consumer electronics, trend-items (and much more).

But assortments change more rapidly than ever, so we keep ours lean;

A small well-balanced mix of winners for winners.




II x II needs good trading-partners, with a good eye for retail-products.

Need a good trading-partner on your side?

If you need a trustworthy , strong & good supplier or

if you need to find new products & services for your customers

do not hesitate to contact us.


Trading Partner

You buy...

You sell...

 A product, a service, a concept.

You invent, you create and you offer your product or service to the world.





We do the same.

Plain, simple.

With enthousiasm & integrity.

We buy & sell non-food FMCG.

We are specialized in FMCG and products who will catch your

customer’s eye & interest!




Improve your business


Together with II x II you can (re-)combine your knowledge, experience, ambitions and strategy. Find new markets, new customers, and/or new inspiration.

Improve your day-to-day business and make it grow.  Multiply your strenght.  Together with II x II , it’s 'can-do' attitude & 'hands-on' mentality, you & your company will prosper.







Tell us your plan, goals & problems. We need you to be open, positive and trusting. Thus we can learn quick, like we all have to every day. Because our world’s markets are changing. Moving. Fast. Every day. So by learning every day, we keep enriching our 25 years of experience in international trading, marketing and management. To keep ahead. By multiplying (y)our talents. We’re looking forward working for and with you!

2-way street

Need to improve your business?

Need (new) customers?

Stuck with your business(plan)?
Clients moving away to your competitors?

Markets changing or disappearing?

Do you need help to get your business going (again)?




Help to speed up, expand  & improve your business.

Help to realise your company’s ambitions & ideas, help to connect & reconnect.

Help to get it going (again), to improve and/or change your company’s market-strategy.

Together with you II x II comes up with  market-ready solutions.


II x II offers help

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All good relationships are built ontrust & reliability.We trust our instincts and our senses for business and for people.